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Adult friend findet sex dating new orleans

But why should someone pay to see profile after profile of other members who they do not find attractive?

Thirdly If I had wanted to join a gay hook up site I would have searched for a site labeled as such.

Mostly you can meet either ugly women looking for some attention or pretty prostitutes asking you to pay for their services.

On sites with Eastern European women you can meet plenty of naughty and young (and not so young) girls, incredibly hot and pretty, many of them look like real models.

It REQUIRES you to use Chrome (there goes your privacy). I've never had a real hook up there, no dates.

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I really tried to give this site a chance but there is just no other way around it, it's a horrible site in every way and it would be unethical for me not to warn others.

I found it did not help to post other photos of myself since they apparently were only seen by gay men who paid for a membership or older out of shape women that I had no interest in meeting. Many of the main profile photos posted by their members are quite revolting.

Also I did not see any clear explanation as to how one could cancel a so called upgraded membership and this leads me to believe it would be a hassle to stop automatic renewals.

Also after I complained they had some people write me who are called "ambassadors" who make an attempt to welcome you to the site and although it is a nice gesture they are full of condescending advice again on how it is your fault that you're not meeting anyone "oh if only you would post a million photos, and go into every chat room and do this and do that" again every excuse in the world except for their lame site.

I am no fan whatsoever of sites like POF but even as horrible as that site was, I actually met people.


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