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Yet here was Angela about to end it all, with no apparent cause.

I hypothesized to myself that their resolution of the event five years ago left something to be desired, that there still were major factors left unresolved between them.

Remember, forgiveness is a process; all the characteristics of genuine forgiveness will not always be present, but they should become increasingly apparent along the journey.

An entangled affair is always the result of an intimacy deficit in the marital relationship.

Following is a four-part integrating process designed to reestablish the intimacy that was crushed by the infidelity.

Knowing your family heritage can help you change it in your generation so that you do not pass it on to your kids.Part of the recovery process is to identify what was missing in the marital relationship and repair that loss.You need to rebuild that own special world you had when you were dating and in the early days of the marriage.But the best part is that they know for certain that they have forgiven one another.As a result, they know that their relationship is growing closer as time goes by, not more distant.When Angela finally got angry and both she and Stuart began to grieve, it was like a huge festering sore that had finally been lanced.Their relationship worsened at first as the anger surfaced.In her heart, however, Angela was dying a slow death.Stuart seemed appreciative of her quick forgiveness—after all, that was his style too: His slogans of “Move on,” “Get over it,” and “Don’t look back” helped him to soon forget it too.He desperately needed that freedom to be himself and be accepted and appreciated.He didn’t feel that he had to pretend or stay within a certain mold, since it was a brand-new world with no rules except those he chose to create with the partner.


  1. I see this other guy almost on a daily basis, he has no idea that I know about their affair, i see his van and knowing they had sex in it is a constant reminder.

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