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Free adult web sites

Porn Away is a modded version of the Adaway app (the app that blocks ads on your Android).

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However, you need to pay per month subscription to use this app.

This will block explicit images, videos, and websites from Google Search results.

Read: Block Adult Videos on You Tube App And Make it Safe for Kids The best way to block inappropriate content is by using Open DNS.

As the smartphone is getting more accessible, teenagers (and even adults) are getting easy access to the web.

And they browse all sorts of things — good, bad, and even adult content.


  1. Oct 15, 2015. or scam content on your entire network using free DNS servers. Use Free DNS Servers to Block Porn/Adult, Phishing, Malware Websites.

  2. Apr 2, 2018. Possibly the most common advice for avoiding computer viruses is to avoid adult sites. You've probably heard the tropes — dogs, fleas, porn.

  3. The nature of the content you choose to upload to your site is under your responsibility. Like any other website in the world, a website created through Wix is.

  4. Oct 13, 2019. It's not just limited to adult websites, but you can set filters to block other. Moreover, you can create a free account in OpenDNS and choose.

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