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Free dating co uk

You can browse our members, send winks and even send your first message! See what response you get, you never know, Mr or Mrs Perfect could be just around the corner.

My account has been suspended for no reason I was new on here I been on for 3 days max by Dan.

I think there are still a few selection of scammers and other questionable people on the site but as long as you use your common sense it seems pretty good.

We try and strike a balance between allowing people to access from other countries, e.g.

a real person reads your messages, to decide if you were rude, i can only imagine he is stuck in the Victorian age.

As i wouldnt meet her she complained to Freedating and got me barred from the site .

No one wanted to listen to me or my side of the story , Let's not forget this is a free site so you know you will have to sift out the good from the bad and as free sites go I think it's fine except too many are allowed without having a profile picture but you can just block them or change settings in mail to stop them contacting so that doesn't lose the site a point.

I particularly like the warnings about sending sexual content in messages and an option shown for sexual chat sites if you prefer that sort of chat, I don't and it's a welcome change not to be bombarded with it and feel kind of protected from it.

I've checked my email for this 'spamming' accusation from the site and so far not one of that type of email has been received.


  1. I then warned uk who he was and what he'd done. They could have looked into it and checked that what I was saying was true, but the admin didn't.

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