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It is a rapidly growing trend that is by no means restricted to these 3 countries, and even in some Asian countries like Malaysia, CSR reporting is mandatory for all public listed companies.

Whether CSR reporting is mandatory or voluntary, the strategy for embedding CSR into the business which precedes reporting, needs first of all a well-researched conviction that this is needed and beneficial.

The company is making continuous efforts to develop more sustainable models of consumption and production.Then, globally too Tetra Pak has been continually working towards reducing energy usage and in 2009 Tetra Pak reported to have accomplished 25 % improvement in energy efficiency from 2002.Following this global lead, Tetra Pak Pakistan conducted thorough scientific research into its energy usage, both at its factory and its head office, to identify various opportunities of energy conservation.It is an excellent example of the business case for CSR, which other companies can also follow, developing their own models in line with their own businesses. s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, Tetra Pak, started its operations in Pakistan 29 years ago in 1982. And in March 2011 Tetra Pak Pakistan commenced production at a new state-of-the-art factory, set up with an investment of nearly Euro 100 million.Throughout this growth period, the company has ensured that its business runs in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner, believing in “responsible industry leadership, creating profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability, and good corporate citizenship.” This business ethos of course comes down from the parent company which has for long followed a triple bottom line approach to its business.For the head office previous electricity bills were taken into consideration.Research was conducted to ascertain various options of alternative energy.After consumption, these cartons are collected and delivered to paper mills.Fiber and poly aluminum are separated and then recovered fiber is used to make printing paper, paper bags, tissue paper, liner-board for corrugated boxes and other similar products.This initiative to drive environmental excellence was incepted during January 2011.The core idea behind this study was to understand the current status of energy consumption, identify possibilities to conserve energy and recognize possible alternatives, all with the objective of formulating internal guidelines for energy consumption and conservation.


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