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Free transgender dating site dating sites for 13 year olds free

In one case I was already at the bar drinking when they arrived and it was obvious that they were trans and either hoped I wouldn't notice or wouldn't care.In both of the latter cases there's embarrassment, rejection, and a waste of time for both parties - easily avoided by filtering on something that can very much be a dealbreaker for folks like me.Not only that, but if I'm using a dating site it's fairly likely that I'm looking for a long-term partner that I'd consider having children with, and the fact is that transgender women cannot have children.Therefore, I should be able to filter out transgender women and (though I personally wouldn't) include transgender men.So here's the thing though, assuming this is just the "can she have children" factor.What if you find out after chatting her up that she is a cisgendered woman who happens to be sterile?

It's not the same as someone who is transgender as I'm not okay with even casual sex in a same-sex scenario.

At this point if you can’t tell they’re trans, find them attractive, and that becomes the dealbreaker, it’s not their problem.

It’s just you have to realize that becomes your problem and you can just ignore them.

I find it irritating when I'm using a dating site like Tinder, Ok Cupid, whatever and I stumble across a "woman" only to realize that it's a man that has transitioned or (in most cases) is in the process of transitioning to become a woman.

Barring extremists it's generally accepted that I, as a biological cisgender man (think I'm saying that right), am under no obligation to be attracted to transgender women (that is, men transitioning to women I think).


  1. I find it irritating when I'm using a dating site like Tinder, OkCupid, whatever and I stumble. So transgender men and women should have their own separate designations from men and women on dating sites. Feel free to message us.

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