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Is zoosk a free dating site

Zoosk has been recognized by many different media outlets: both online and offline, regarding its behavioral matchmaking system, unique features, and its wide usability across different online platforms.Zoosk has been recognized by in its’ Reader’s Choice Awards as being one of the best dating applications in the world.Zoosk has been able to grow exponentially in popularity and has not slowed down since the dating platform was founded back in 2007.Because it can be accessed in over seventy countries, the website is also available in over 25 languages making it second only to in terms of its’ overall capacity to reach an international audience.The algorithm is also able to advance and become better over time as it models the behavior, information, and the preferences that the millions of users put in to the matchmaking system each month and each year.

Due to its’ multiple platforms and the fact that Zoosk has been around for almost a decade now, it has one of the largest total memberships in online dating.There are over 50 million people using Zoosk in over 70 different countries making it widely popular and useful.The millions of members who use Zoosk on the different kinds of platforms are known fondly as ‘Zooskers.’ Zoosk is unique in that members can contact each other through the Internet, social networking platforms like Facebook, as well as any of their mobile devices and tablets.According to the popular Google Play store, Zoosk is also the most downloaded and used dating application for Android users.Because of being accessible through Google and Apple’s mobile platforms, more than thirty percent of all Zoosk users use the dating application through a mobile device compared to a computer or tablet.Zoosk also has gained acclaim from websites like App Appeal and mainstream news media outlets like The Wall Street Journal.The innovation, creativeness, and accessibility behind Zoosk have helped contribute to its continued success.Founded in December 2007, Zoosk has since expanded into becoming its’ own website but also has found a place in different social networking websites as well as mobile applications making it one of the most versatile dating platforms on the Internet today.With the growing popularity of social media and mobile applications, Zoosk has been able to grow and adapt to these changes to become the popular application that continues to gain more members and a larger following.Over 70% of the users who have Zoosk have been able to use the application because they have connected it to their Facebook account.More than just on Facebook, Zoosk is currently the number one rated dating application along with the most downloaded dating application in the Apple store for i OS users.


  1. Like what other people have said, Zoosk is a paid site like Match. They let you sign up for. Tinder is the best free dating app in my opinion. 23.9k views View 8.

  2. Find out the positives and negative features of this dating service. New users can get started on Zoosk for free by signing in with their phone number, Twitter.

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