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My friend pedro adult swim

"Led by your imaginary friend (who happens to be a banana) you embark on an adventure that mainly involves blasting inconsiderate gangsters in the face with a wide variety of weapons.

Developer: Dead Toast Entertainment Based in Malmo, Sweden Founding date: Started in 2006, but officially a company since November 2014 Website: Press / Business contact: [email protected]:twitter.com/deadtoast_comfacebook.com/Deadtoast Com Releases: My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas My Friend Pedro (original Flash Game)Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story Phone: --- Dead Toast Entertainment is the sole effort of Victor Agren and is used as a brand for him to release his video games through.

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You earn points by making the most of the game’s various parkour mechanics, which are designed to make you feel like an action hero.

Developed by Swedish one-man-studio Dead Toast Entertainment, My Friend Pedro is a sidescrolling platformer-shooter with parkour elements, focused on kinetic movement and stringing together huge combos.

You’ll find yourself in the shoes of an unnamed protagonist who travels through time for some reason (his best friend’s a talking banana! Before talking about the game for its merits though, let’s take a detour to discuss the game’s use of violence, and how it fits in the grand scheme of things.

Score hunting is the name of the game in My Friend Pedro.

Each level has its own set of global leaderboards, challenging players to achieve the highest possible score they can.


  1. Jul 20, 2019. Blood, Bullets, Bananas - and a Blast to Play, Switch, My Friend. My Friend Pedro back to its origins - as a Flash-based Adult Swim game.

  2. My Friend Pedro Switch & PC. Available on Nintendo Switch & PC! AM -. 2,114 Retweets; 8,521 Likes; Flyingpi.

  3. Jun 20, 2019. Based on a flash game that was initially made for Adult Swim Games in. awesome slow-mo and weapons as your friend Pedro guides you.

  4. Jun 20, 2019. My Friend Pedro is a shoot-em-up video game developed by DeadToast. The game is based off a 2014 flash game hosted by Adult Swim.

  5. Action Games Shooter Games Adult Swim Collect Games Packed Games Action-packed Games Kill Games. More games like My Friend Pedro. Advertisement.

  6. Play My friend pedro Game on My friend pedro. Tags Platform Games / Shooting Games / Action Games. Publisher How To Play.

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