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Not necessarily, it can be due to targeted ads which try and lure people in based on whether they think they'll fit the target demographic.

When I was doing research for a project I was looking at a lot of army recruitment pages.

As we’ve said many times, you shouldn’t use the same password on multiple websites.

Doing so is a recipe for disaster – because if you get hacked in one place, all of your other online accounts at other sites which use the same password could fall shortly afterwards.

If he's got an i Pad, you can check his history in a less obvious way than just clicking the history in the browser itself, and in a way that many users don't know about when they delete their browsing history. This will show history, unless he's savvy enough to have deleted from there recently.

Obviously it's up to you whether you want to do this or not, as Tricksy Bee said, the ads can be targetting wrong.

Online dating website e Harmony has confirmed that passwords for some of its users have been exposed in a security breach that echoes the high profile incident involving Linked In yesterday.

I get them from streaming tv and reading free ebooks (I assume these sites are the cause but could be anything) and I’m absolutely not looking for anything sex related online or outside of my marriage!

In this case, the hashes of 1.5 million e Harmony passwords were uploaded to websites, where hackers were encouraged to join forces to crack them.

What really disappoints me is that e Harmony misses an opportunity to tell its users explicitly that if they use the same password on other websites they must change their passwords there also.

I also use a few sites directed towards women eg hair and makeup sites and get ads for dating sites I get targeted ads which are based on stuff I've looked at online (clothes, sports gear); I also get facebook ads which seem to be targeted at 40s female demographic-type eg hair, makeup, cosmetic procedures (! When my FB profile stated I was interested in men and women I got a lot of ads for lesbian holidays.

My DH and I both play a stupid FB game; I don't seem to get ads on it but DH gets ads for dating sites (message: middle aged gamer men must be single)i don't get pop up ads of any kind though.


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  3. On google ads keep popping up advertising dating sites with pictures of. a US tv series online and now my computer constantly pops up with half naked girls.

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  5. Aug 23, 2019. 'I was humiliated' — online dating scammers hold nude photos for. the user account that initially contacted Billy is no longer live on its site.

  6. Feb 15, 2019. "Dating sites are designed by default to share a ton of information about you; however, there's a limit to what should be shared," says David.

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