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Sex dating and relationships site 100 free online dating sites for singles

It’s an all-too-common trope: Online dating has made casual sex easy but relationships hard.One somewhat hysterical Vanity Fair article recently claimed that sites like Tinder have brought on a “dating apocalypse,” with young men and women meeting online, getting together for sex, then never talking again.

"Doing the deed isn't automatically going to push your partner into starting a relationship, becoming monogamous, proposing to you, or falling in love with you," Vanessa Marin, a licensed sex psychotherapist, previously told Bustle.

One sociologist found that college-age students are having no more sex today than they were in 1988.

In fact, online dating has made it easier for those seeking long-term commitments to find each other.

But as I learned at Ok Cupid, men don’t necessarily end up dating young women, even if they think they’re gorgeous.

Men on the site tend to message women closer to their own age; very few men over 30 actually reach out to 20-year-old women.


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