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The visitor is then asked which one would be preferable in bed.

The website does not appear to feature newly elected MPs from the 2015 general election and still displays MPs who lost their seats.

You might recognise: Mohamed Salah (Liverpool footballer). They were voted the sexiest accent in the world however. Maybe it’s the irresistible accent, maybe it’s the perception of Barbados as paradise. We found out why the French accent is one of the sexiest in the world.

Russia ranks closer to the bottom than what you would expect for a country who lays claim to supermodels Irina Shayk and Natalia Vodianova. You might recognise: Vladimir Putin, Irina Shayk, Maria Sharapova. Indonesian’s place a huge importance on family, music and fiestas, which are most people’s favourite qualities – explains the sex appeal?

The sexy South African accent topped the polls which didn’t do them any harm.

It seems that the general view of Australians as ‘surfer chic’ lives on.

While beauty may be only skin deep, it’s probably little consolation to the unlucky countries that have been voted as the least sexy in the world. As for which is the sexiest nationality in the Belgium might be the centre of the EU, but it turns out that not a lot of people hold the birth place of Jean-Claude Van Damme aka “Muscles from Brussels” in high regard…

You might recognise: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Audrey Hepburn.

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They did however, give the world the amazing Malala Yousafzai. Is it the kilts or the haggis that’s hampered the Scottish score? You might recognise: Ewan Mc Gregor, Calvin Harris. Any country who can eat their bodyweight in cured meats, red wine and cheese will always be sexy, fact.Norway’s famous exports tend to be from the literary world, which might explain why they received lower scores than their Hollywood-Scandinavian neighbours.You might recognise: Roald Dahl, Jo Nesbø, Chris Pratt (Half Norwegian).You might recognise: Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger.We looked into why it is that the Australian accent is so sexy Brazil gave us the thong bikini and “the phenomenon”, aka Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima. Probably the most famous Filipino in the world, professional boxer Manny Pacquiao along with Bruno Mars and the many Miss World participants make this a top scorer. Philippines Foodie Bucket List: 21 Dishes To Try Before You Die The impressive score of Danish people’s sexiness proves that Denmark is beautiful in more ways than one.The data, covering the Commons and the Lords, was released after a request to Parliament's information unit under the Freedom of Information Act.A member of staff at the team explained that some access attempts or views were pop-ups or adverts not solicited by the viewer.You might recognise: Sofia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Silvio Berlusconi.The Italians also made it close to the top of the sexiest accents in the world list South Africa is a wonderful melting pot of cultures, making it a beautifully diverse and sexy place to be.The United States has a hugely diverse population, making it hard to pinpoint what an ‘American’ looks like. Germany’s score is surprising for a nation that has produced models and actresses such as Claudia Schiffer and Kirsten Dunst.Some might say Britney Spears, others think of Donald Trump. When it comes to the sexiest nationality they would have liked to rank higher. Check out the The 25 Best Burgers In Germany One of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East, our readers didn’t rate their physical beauty much – don’t people know that Wentworth Miller has Lebanese roots?!


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