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If the authorities disclose you have this kind of adult video on your computer, you can spend years of your life in prison.

The incognito browsing is a dangerous thing, as it can mislead users into thinking that they’re entirely protected. This means that you give a website a lot of information about your computer and your identity every time you visit it.

If you are not careful visiting adult websites, you can find yourself in a legal trouble.

Even if you don’t have absolutely any intention of participating, visiting porn sites can affect you.

Relying on the experts’ warning, the issue becomes even worse, as you should expect your internet history, specifically adult sites you visit, to be leaked.

According to the Wall Street Journal, around 30 million Americans regularly watch porn.


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  5. ASACP created the “Restricted To Adults” website label to better enable parental. and to demonstrate the online adult industry's commitment to helping parents.

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